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Adhering to the wisdom of Soviet businessmen, the tide of business has always been advancing bravely, and striving for excellence in service, striving to satisfy every
user. Cherry farm machinery service is based on distributors and staff teams all over the country, forming a perfect after-sales service network, hotline telephone,
mobile AAP positioning management and satisfaction survey. In the company, more efforts are made from the product quality, striving to achieve the ultimate product,
users'difficulties and pain points can be on our production line. To be resolved, efforts to achieve "zero three packages" of Sakura products.

Users use Sakura products, in pursuit of the benefits and value of the products to him. Sakuda's service personnel are always considerate of users. They have
comprehensive service capabilities to solve the problems of equipment in time. Sakuda's service personnel have high professional ethics. Sakuda's staff have high
professional quality and service level. They can reduce the procedures and shorten the working time in the three-package process. Do not wait, do not delay, implement
comprehensive, timely and fast services, through our services to provide protection for the work of users, generate benefits and value.

Sakura has a perfect service team system: guiding the operation and maintenance of machines when farmers purchase machines; guaranteeing the timely and efficient
solution of users'problems by squatting service in user's working season; and providing downtime maintenance guidance service after user's working season. Make
sure that every user can buy with confidence and comfort.

Create a new image of cherry farm machinery service, win time and create benefits for users. Sincerely around customers, service is around, create value for