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Wuxi: Introducing the construction of agricultural machinery service system with awards and subsidies

On October 10th, Wuxi Agricultural Machinery Bureau and the Finance Bureau jointly issued a document to clarify that this year's agricultural machinery service system construction project will be supplemented by the awards, mainly for the machine transplanting area and the agricultural machinery repair network agricultural machinery repair service, etc., to further enhance the fund. The ability and level of cooperative rice transplanting service and maintenance network repair service.
The document is clear that the agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, large agricultural machinery households and family farms registered by the industrial and commercial departments in the municipality of Wuxi City can enjoy the machine transplanting area with a prize of 10 yuan/mu.
The agricultural machinery maintenance service network registered by the industrial and commercial department within the jurisdiction of the city shall meet the requirements of the corresponding maintenance level for the maintenance site, technical personnel and equipment conditions, and the agricultural machinery will be able to enjoy the relevant conditions if it meets the relevant conditions. / Home funding subsidies. At the same time, the documents are clear, and provincial-level agricultural machinery maintenance outlets and provincial (or city) star-level agricultural machinery professional cooperatives will be given preferential subsidies.
The document emphasizes that all localities should attach great importance to it, carefully plan, strictly organize, clarify the responsibility of special personnel, rigorously review procedures, strengthen supervision and inspection, ensure that government subsidy funds are in place, play a guiding role and promote the healthy development of the agricultural machinery service system. Jiangyin and Yixing City can refer to the "Notice" and combine local actual development of policy measures to implement.