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Bulletin on the payment of subsidies for agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in the province

As of August 31, according to the data of the Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Information Management System, at present, the province subsidizes 40,810 sets of various machines and equipment, benefiting 68,752 households, implementing central and provincial financial subsidies of 1.025 billion yuan, and paying 536 million yuan. Yuan, the proportion of funds paid to reach 52.33%.
From the perspective of equipment subsidies, the province added 8362 new transplanting machines, including 3560 hand-held rice transplanters and 4,082 high-speed rice transplanters. The cumulative use of subsidies was 190 million yuan; 12,657 new combines were added, of which all were fed. Self-propelled crawler type 8294 sets, all feed self-propelled wheel type 3440 sets, semi-feeding 923 sets, cumulative use subsidy funds 340 million yuan; 11733 new tractors, cumulative use subsidy funds 389 million yuan; new rotary tillage machinery 15,399 units, the cumulative use of subsidy funds of 30 million yuan, the addition of 764 sets of drying machinery, the cumulative use of subsidy funds of 28 million yuan.
From the perspective of the use of subsidy funds, among the 13 provincial cities in the province, Nanjing has used a total of 19.52 million yuan of subsidies, 1.55 million yuan of funds, and 7.95% of the redemption; Wuxi has used a total of 14.97 million yuan of subsidies and 11.5 million yuan. Yuan, the ratio of redemption is 76.82%; Xuzhou has used a total of 169 million yuan of subsidy funds, 75.54 million yuan of funds, and 44.44% of the redemption; Changzhou has used a total of 21.74 million yuan of subsidy funds, 16.34 million yuan of funds, 75.15% of the redemption ratio; The subsidy fund was 23.03 million yuan, the fund was 13.61 million yuan, and the redemption ratio was 59.09%. Nantong accumulated subsidy funds of 74.77 million yuan, the funds paid 34.40 million yuan, and the redemption ratio was 45.53%; Lianyungang accumulated subsidy funds of 133 million yuan and redeemed funds of 47.56 million yuan. Yuan, the ratio of redemption was 35.73%; Huai'an used a total of 129 million yuan of subsidy funds, 67.02 million yuan of funds, 51.88% of the redemption; Yancheng accumulated a total of 164 million yuan of subsidies, 93.83 million yuan of funds, 57.21% of the redemption; The subsidy fund was 74.39 million yuan, the funds were 54.4 million yuan, and the redemption ratio was 73.12%; Zhenjiang accumulated subsidy funds 2998. Yuan, redeemed funds 22.29 million yuan, redemption ratio 74.37%; Taizhou cumulative use of subsidies of 62.6 million yuan, 42.5 million yuan of funds, 67.89% redemption; Suqian cumulative use of subsidies of 108 million yuan, redeeming funds 56.47 million yuan, redemption ratio 52.16%.
According to the subsidy system data, there are 22 counties (cities, districts) that have not realized the payment of funds so far: Qixia District, Jiangning District, Liuhe District, Lishui County, Xishan District, Wuxi City, Suzhou High-tech Zone, Xiangcheng District Wujiang City, Nantong City Binhai District, Tongzhou District, Haimen City, Development Zone, Lianyungang Guannan County, Haizhou District, East Central and West Demonstration Zone, Huai'an Development Zone, Ecological New City, Qixian County, Zhenjiang City Runzhou District, Yangzhong City, Suqian City, Suyang County, Economic Development Zone; the county (city, district) with better redemption is mainly Xulou Gulou District, Suzhou Changshu City, Kunshan City, Changzhou Fuyang City, Yancheng Chengnan New District, Yangzhou City Guangling District, Zhenjiang Dantu District, Jurong City, Taizhou Agricultural Development Zone, Suqian Yanghe New City and other 10 counties (cities, districts), the proportion of funds redemption reached more than 90%.
At present, all localities should combine the use of subsidies for the use of subsidies in the region, speed up the system entry of subsidy data, ensure that the subsidy system data is true and true, and timely verify the equipment, equipment supervision, and fund redemption work, and pay the subsidy funds as “three strict”. The important embodiment of the three realities is to grasp the reality. The provincial bureau will report in real time according to the requirements for the performance management assessment of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, and the real-time payment of subsidized funds.