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Our province determines the scope of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy equipment in 2015-2017

Recently, according to the spirit of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance's “Guiding Opinions on the Implementation of Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidies in 2015-2017”, the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau and the provincial financial department have discussed through various levels of consultations, and various opinions have been officially introduced on February 28th. By 2017, the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy equipment category in Jiangsu Province, and issued a notice requesting all relevant agricultural machinery production enterprises to do a good job in collecting, sorting and reporting the relevant products.
In 2015-2017, Jiangsu Province subsidized arable land preparation machinery, planting and fertilizing machinery, harvesting machinery and other ten categories of 49 machine tools. Among them, there are 26 subsidies for general-purpose machines (mainly including rotary tillers, walk-behind rice transplanters, riding rice transplanters, semi-feed combines, full feed combines, self-propelled corn harvesters, Wheel tractor, spray bar sprayer, power sprayer, knapsack motorized sprayer, subsoiler, pastoral management machine, seed drill, small seed seeder, hole seeding machine, tray seeding equipment, straw crushing and returning machine , picking and squeezing machine, rapeseed harvester, grain dryer, centrifugal pump, aerator, ridger, trencher, simple preservation equipment, livestock and poultry manure disposal machine, 5 non-generic machine items ( It mainly includes sprinkler irrigation equipment, air-feeding sprayer, agricultural grass grabber, spreader, straw briquetting granulating equipment, and 18 items of Jiangsu province's self-selected machine tools (mainly including tree trimmer, mushroom sterilizer, laser). Grader, riding mower, digging machine, straw chopping, throwing device, aquaculture environmental monitoring and management equipment, pastoral handling machine, building machine, vegetable transplanting machine, tea garden frosting machine, agricultural land Heat pump units, temperature and humidity controller sericulture farming, mushroom inoculation machine, peanut harvester, turner, tea garden management plowing machines, mining machines lotus).